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Coffey Group Architecture, LLC


Steppenwolf Studio Theatre

Steppenwolf is an internationally recognized, Tony Award-winning Acting Ensemble. This resident theater facility was designed to meet the specific needs of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. The Studio Theatre space is located upstairs from the Main Stage and is a flexible 99 to 250-seat performance space that expands the existing theatrical opportunities at the venue. It is meant to be home to the company's mid size and variable theatre productions. Subsequent to the Studio, an additional 299 seat Playhouse Theatre and a Storefront Theatre were considered in a project that also included an expansion of Rehearsal Space, Function Rooms and Structured Parking. This analysis led to the acquisition of an adjacent, unfinished garage. It's retail store frontage turned into another 99 seat flexible stage.  The empty lot between has been concept designed to house additional support space and another 299 seat facility but is unexecuted.