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Coffey Group Architecture, LLC


State Street Subway
Re-image Design Theme

As a winner of an invited competition to develop a new theme for the reconstruction of seven stations along the State Street Subway Line,. COFFEY GROUP ARCHITECTURE, LLC* has executed two stations and, as originally intended has had its design theme used on several others. Our modern design aesthetic focused upon the primary material to be utilized in the station—a 6x6 ceramic block—to completely reimage the station environment and the transit patron experiences of the downtown portion of the CTA's Red Line Subway System. This was accomplished by focusing on color, light, patron movement and flow.

All surfaces of the stations’ platforms, fare collection mezzanines and stair/escalator links were studied. Integral was creating a sense of place underground to help the user recognize where in the city s/he is - a skyline mural indicates downtown and the graphic says the city center. Detailed panels highlight landmarks above the station; the red tile denotes Red Line, et cetera. Also involved were many diverse elements of the station, like trash cans, benches and maps that combine to help clarify flow and establish overall functionality in an aesthetic way. The State/Roosevelt and State/Randolph & Washington Stations have since been executed in this design to great acclaim.