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Coffey Group Architecture, LLC


Advanced Technology

Coffey Group Architecture, LLC utilizes a broad mix of technologies to support its practice. It operates on a fully networked platform that allows extraordinary efficiency. Its systems allow it to create and present all of its designs 3-dimensionally. We utilize a mixture of software that allows simultaneous utilization of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to efficiently create, test and measure designs and their efficiencies and quantities. Construction Specifications and Scheduling tools combine with these to maximize quality control and enhance communications throughout the design and construction process.

With the overlay of other sophisticated graphics and modeling programs we study and present the design in 3 dimensions and allow easy understanding of the design by client, user and public officials through “in house” production of highly realistic renderings, walkthroughs and flyovers of each design. This “virtual reality approach” accurately simulates the design before it is built. The idea is to have a “no surprises” outcome as well as a more “understandable, approachable and less intimidating presentation” of complex and sophisticated projects and environments.

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